DD Accessory - Retractable 3 IN 1 USB Charging Cable

  • $ 16.00

Retractable 3 in 1 Charging Data Cable with the Duck Dog Clothing Logo has an environmentally-friendly enameled wire TPE,telescopic design; Mini compact,easy to carry,easy to store,not easy to knot,built-in thick copper wire,1GB data transmission takes only 5 seconds,Faster and more professional than conventional data lines; Exquisite touch,texture,solve the troubles caused by many lines. Equipped with durable springs,high-grade reels,freely retractable in 5 positions,easy to use and not easily damaged. When the device is protected,a unique ultra-slip design allows for charging and data transfer,which is an easy method to use

Size 1.96 " x 0.98 " x 0.98 "