Dog Toy - Flyer (Frisbee that Floats)

  • $ 12.00

This Frisbee is perfect for all ages and especially for the water dog in your life that LOVES a frisbee! WetMutt toys are made to last! Throw it, chew it or bounce it! (If you hit the edge just right, you can bounce this frisbee!) WetMutt items can handle it all! Each toy is made with our unique materials and proprietary construction methods which significantly prolong the life of our toys. That means, more durability, more fetching and MORE fun! Perfect for ocean waves, lakes, of all ages will LOVE the Frisbee Flyer.

Measures - One Inch Thick & Ten Inches Across

Durable - Takes a biting and keeps on flying

Safe - Non-toxic and gentle on teeth

Floats - Lightweight material floats on water