Duck Dog Signature Logo - Custom "Cut2" Size Belt

  • $ 48.00

Not sure what size belt you need? No worries. This belt can be "Cut2" size with a pair of ordinary kitchen scissors.

Our custom ribbon belt features our Duck Dog Clothing logo, and will fit any size waist up to 46 inches. The custom ribbon is stitched onto 100% cotton webbing with the end tab stitched with full grain Latigo leather (the tip is embossed with our logo as well.)

Made in the USA, in the state of Maine to be exact.

With a Cut2Size belt, you will never get the wrong size again!  Each Cut2size belt features our Duck Dog Clothing logo ribbon stitched onto 100% cotton webbing, a fully stitched leather tab cut from full grain Italian leather, and a solid cast zinc buckle. Follow the simple instructions for a perfect fit.


Option 1- Use Your Best Fitting Belt

  1. Find your best fitting belt (that has holes).
    2. Line up the middle hole of your new belt with the hole you use most on your old belt.
    3. Using a pencil, mark your new belt where it meets the buckle of your old belt.
    4. At the mark, cut the new belt using scissors.
    5. Attach buckle to your new belt.


Option 2 - Use a Tape Measure

  1.  Measure your waist size with a cloth tape passed through your belt loops.
    2. Mark that distance on your new strip, measuring from the middle hole.
    3. At the mark, cut the new strip perpendicular to the belt’s edge.
    4. Reattach buckle.